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Language note: Oi-chan is sort of like referring to oneself as an old man/uncle, except it's particularly associated with yakuza. Akabayashi typically uses it for his personal pronoun; if it annoys you or you'd rather I cut down on it in tags, lemme know.

Canon: Durarara!! light novels
Age: late 30's
Appearance: Akabayashi is described as being not young, but not quite in middle age either, and looking somewhat as if he escaped from an old movie. He is tall and slim, and dresses gaudily, usually in black patterned suits, a red shirt, sunglasses, and his intricately carved cane. He walks somewhat stooped over, making it look like he might need that cane, despite not actually needing it. His other main feature is the scar on his eye, and the right eye itself is fake.

Early anime visual for Durarara!!’s next season gives him a blue shirt for some weird reason, but it’s a good example anyway.

Basic info: Akabayashi is a member of the yakuza group Awakusu-kai. He gives off a pretty laid-back air most of the time, and likes to mess around with technology and the internet, tease people, and make deprecating references to his own age. He often speaks about what kids "should be doing" and prefers them to stay out of the dark paths that he himself lives on, and doesn't sugar-coat the possible outcomes of their actions when trying to point them in the right directions.

Despite all his flirting and teasing, he is not particularly interested in romance or sex, and his one "love story" was a one-sided affair, with Sonohara Sayaka. (Anri's mother, for those familiar with the anime/manga.) Thanks to Sayaka as well, he is acquainted with the demon sword Saika (and lost an eye to it), and will not be terribly surprised or frightened by the supernatural.

He kicks ass in a fight, usually with the use of his cane. He will often not take fighting terribly seriously, even against dangerous opponents, and takes down entire groups of younger adversaries on a regular basis. He will not jump into fights without reason, but if a kid is in danger or there are drugs involved, he'll definitely do something.
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